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More than a third of motorists regularly take their pets on journeys with them

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Recent research conducted by car insurance comparison site has found that 39% of motorists regularly take their dogs or cats on long journeys with them.

Out of those surveyed, a further 41% believe that their pets enjoy being in the car with them.

The study also found that those motorists who do take their pets in the car use the radio to keep the pets amused on long journeys, and have cited Adele, Madonna and Lady Gaga as the most popular artists to keep pets happy on the move.

Some owners even admit to singing to their pets to keep them amused. Apparently Radio 1 is the top choice for in-car pet entertainment, closely followed by Radio 2 and 5 Live.

Due to the results of the survey, the charity Dog’s Trust has released hints and tips on how to keep pets safe, and avoiding travel sickness so that they can enjoy road journeys even more. 12% of pet owning motorists say they let their dog stick his head out of the window on the journey but according to experts at Dogs Trust this is not a great way to keep your pet happy:

Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust says: “Dogs might really enjoy the sensation of having their heads out of the window but it is dangerous for them so we would always advise keeping ears, paws and noses inside the vehicle while the car is moving.

25% of pet owners who take their dog or cat in the car say that their animal enjoys the journey, but only as long as they keep them amused. Talking to them and taking plenty of their toys are the top ways that dog and cat lovers use to keep them happy.

However, almost 10% of pet owners say they have almost had a near miss when driving because of their pet’s behaviour in the car, so extra care and attention is needed when driving with animals in the car.

By Ben Malkin

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