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Ford Fiesta king of the road

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The Ford Fiesta has retained its crown as the UK’s best selling car for the month of August.  Ford has sold 61,551 of the superminis so far this year in Britain, and during August, they sold another 3213 units, far surpassing their competitors.

Experts in the motoring industry believe that it was always going to be so, the Fiesta has been the best selling car in the UK for a number of months.  Experts reason this to be because of the smart looks of the Fiesta, the three door version looking sporty, and it is offered with a range of economical engines.

The Ford Fiesta is also one of the quietest cars in the supermini class. The engines are extremely smooth allowing for a lot quieter drive, and there’s only a hint of wind noise down the side of the car at 70mph.

Experts believe other reasons for the Ford Fiesta being such a good seller is due to its ease on fuel, it’s cheap to insure and holds its value well.

The Ford Fiesta Econetic model has impressively low CO2 emissions of 98g/km, so there is no road tax to pay and a lower rate of ‘benefit in kind’ tax if it's a company car.

Safety wise, the Ford Fiesta is the first car in its segment to achieve top crash test ratings in each of the world’s largest auto markets that perform safety testing - Europe, the U.S. and China.

By Ben Malkin

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