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Speeding football star escapes due to poor English

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Manchester City star Carlos Tevez may not have been able to escape from Eastlands this summer but he escaped punishment for a serious motoring offence.

Tevez was unable to read the penalty notice that was sent to him due to his poor English, and so evaded a serious punishment.

The Argentinian forward was not present at the hearing where he had been accused of failing to disclose the identity of the driver who was speeding in his Bentley.  However magistrates accepted the argument from Tevez’s lawyer that he had not seen or read the documents that would have been sent to him at his home in Cheshire.

Gwyn Lewis, his solicitor, told the court that Tevez's English is so poor that he cannot read his post, which is usually dealt with by staff. He suggested that it is highly probable that the player had never even seen the penalty notice.

The solicitor told the court that his client had already been punished, having lost out on the opportunity of going to a speed awareness course in lieu of three penalty points because of his administrative failure to respond to the documentation.

He told the court, "He has suffered as a result of not answering the query."

Tevez, 27, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of speeding and was fined £60. His car was recorded travelling at 38mph in a 30mph zone along the A56 in Stretford, Manchester, on February 12.

Tevez has also been ordered to pay £35 towards the costs of the prosecution, a £15 victim surcharge and given three penalty points on his driving license.

By Ben Malkin

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