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Infinti Hybrid is a record breaker

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Infiniti have entered the record books this week by creating the world’s fastest full hybrid car.  The brand new M35h posted a time of 13.9 seconds over a quarter mile stretch to become the record holder.

The saloon model powered by a V6 petrol/electric hybrid engine, boasts an impressive 395bhp, and with the engine providing an instant delivery of torque, the record stood very little chance.  In every run last Thursday at the UK Santa Pod drag strip, the Infiniti M35h bested 100mph, finally achieving the record run as the day drew to a close.

Driven by motoring journalist Tim Pollard, the M35h, which is on sale now in 21 European markets, performed best when left in automatic and, when driven normally, can return around 40.4 miles per gallon and has a low CO2 emission of 162g/km.

Hybrid cars benefit from instant torque from standstill due to the electric motor, and at high revs enjoys the power from a petrol engine.  However, when driving slowly around town the petrol engine is not used, reducing emissions and saving petrol.

By Ben Malkin

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