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Bikers take to the road to protest

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Several thousand bikers have taken to the roads of Britain to protest their outrage at a new law that could be passed.

The bikers were joined by four MPs in go-slow protests on major roads across Britain yesterday for a rally against a possible new EU legislation which they claim threatens their hobby.

The Motorcycle Action Group organised over 100 protests, which saw bikers from all over the country attend, some having as many as 1500 bikers participating.

Motorcycle Action Groups Chairman Paul Turner said the EU want to restrict the parts used when modifying bikes, and who would be allowed to carry out the work.

"It would basically stop all DIY work on bikes," said Mr Turner. "It will kill local garages and ruin the custom trade, where people's hobbies are building and converting motorcycles into the fantastic machines that you see."

The EU legislation is designed to prevent illegal parts being fitted to motorbikes, modifications being carried out badly and the machines being made too powerful, putting the rider in a dangerous situation. 

However, Mr Turner said such concerns were unfounded: "Very little of that happens, because people have the sense to realise that it invalidates your insurance."

The EU intended to vote on the regulations in November but has since delayed it until February.

By Ben Malkin

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