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Questions raised over 80mph limit

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Motorists may find they can go faster on the motorway in the near future, according to a newspaper report which suggests the Government is due to raise the speed limit to 80mph.

The report said the move could be made to shorten journeys and help boost the economy and has garnered "broad agreement" within the coalition and among the country's civil servants.

But the Department for Transport has rebuffed the report, describing it as "speculation", while road safety charity Brake called the proposal, if true, "nonsensical".

The report said the increased motorway speed limit would be policed more robustly to guard against speeding and there would be more 20mph zones set up in residential areas.

It suggests the only question hanging over the proposal is the timing of the announcement, but it makes no mention of the likely impact on motor insurance.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director for Brake, said: "In short, a decision to raise the motorway limit would be nonsensical from a human, environmental and economic point of view."

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