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Regular services 'boost car values'

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Drivers could increase their vehicle's sell-on value by up to 26% if they ensure it gets serviced regularly, research suggests.

Kwik Fit indicated that used cars are sold for £5,500 on average. However, the firm believes as much as £1,500 could be added onto the value of a used vehicle if its owner holds a fully-stamped service book.

In light of these figures, motorists might want to ensure that they include car servicing in their driving budgets, along with the costs of cheap car insurance.

Survey results from the company show that 34% of respondents would avoid buying a car if it did not possess a full service history.

David White, customer services director at the organisation, said: "It's accepted that a fully-stamped service book will increase the re-sale value of a car, but this research has been able to put a figure on it.

"Motorists with one or two stamps missing should bear in mind that some services will still carry a premium over none at all, particularly if they've been carried out more recently."

Just 6.7 million used cars were sold last year, according to Kwik Fit, representing the lowest number sold in 10 years.

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