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Study highlights lane change risks

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Research has suggested that people changing lanes without due care and attention are a significant cause of crashes.

Accident Exchange said that lane change manoeuvres are responsible for more than 6% of collisions on British roads.

The study also showed that the accidents caused more than £437 million of annual damage to vehicles, underlining how important it is to get that van insurance is kept up to date.

The number of such accidents has soared 48% since 2009, the research of more than 50,000 incidents showed.

Lane change collisions often occur when a driver moves into another lane without first hitting his indicator.

The study suggested that ever year more than 152,000 of these collisions occur on our roads, leaving an average repair bill of £2,876.

Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange said: "Today's cars are packed with 'active' safety equipment, but for some vehicles strengthened frames can mean reduced visibility and larger blind-spots.

"Older cars tend to have slimmer pillars which don't obscure the driver's view to the side or rear as much. This is certainly part of the problem."

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