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New Hydrogen Filling Station Opened

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Honda has made strides to bring alternative motoring to Britain by opening a public hydrogen filling station at its Swindon manufacturing facility.

The station is the first of its kind in Britain, and Honda hope that more can be opened up across the country in the coming years.

The hydrogen station was built by industrial gases firm BOC, who are also responsible for running it.  The new station is expected to help encourage the development and uptake of hydrogen cars.

According to Honda, to fill a hydrogen-powered vehicle at the new station will take roughly the same amount of time as a conventional petrol station.

Thomas Brachmann, of Honda, said: "Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the ultimate transport solution, meeting environmental demands but also delivering the range and performance that customers expect.”

"The co-operation on this project between vehicle manufacturers like Honda, infrastructure providers like BOC and the public sector can be a blueprint for future development."

Mike Huggon, managing director of BOC, said: "This is the first commercial-scale, open-access station in the UK.”

"It demonstrates that we can build the infrastructure needed to establish a hydrogen-powered transport system. But even with private and public support - as we have here in Swindon - we need Government commitment to make this work across the country as a whole."

By Ben Malkin

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