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Lock mistakes could risk insurance

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Many people could be running the risk of invalidating their home insurance policies by replacing their own door locks, experts have warned.

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) has urged homeowners to use professionals to fix locks if the original one has been damaged.

According to the organisation, homeowners must be wary of doing security jobs on their properties which should be left to the trained and qualified locksmiths.

The MLA said owners could put the security of their home, family and possessions at risk if they do not hire the services of a professional lock-fitter.

Dr Steffan George, development director for the MLA said: "Our members are often called out to fix badly fitted locks, replace inferior quality locks and fit locks to new doors where a customer has accidentally caused irreversible damage to the original ones."

He added: "Sadly our members also see a lot of customers invalidating their insurance after fitting the wrong locks to their doors and windows which means if they are unfortunate enough to be burgled they cannot claim for any of the damage or stolen item."

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