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25% 'drive away from car accident'

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A new survey has found that one in four young motorists would not bother to stop their vehicle after accidentally scraping an empty parked car.

Breakdown service Autonational Rescue found in its survey that motorists in the 55-64 age group are more honest than their younger counterparts, with only 5% confessing to have driven away after causing damage to another vehicle.

Of the 1,013 motorists questioned, 7% said they would rush off, while a similar proportion said they would drive away only if they fail to find the owner of the damaged car.

Dishonest motorists end up leaving the victims of the incident or their car insurance companies to fork out for the damage they caused.

A majority (84%) of motorists appeared to be honest and said they would either leave a note or wait for the damaged vehicle's owner to turn up.

In addition, 13% said they would contact the police.

Ronan Hart, from Autonational, said: "The need to contact police obviously depends on the seriousness of the accident. However it is reassuring to know that such a large proportion of drivers would still own up their mistakes.

"Leaving a note with contact details is always the best way to deal with any incident, no matter how small."

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