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Kids 'are main cause of road rage'

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It's not other motorists who make us most angry on the road, it's our own kids who are driving us around the bend, a survey claims.

One in three men who were questioned said they only lost their temper at the steering wheel when their children were in the back seats, while one in four women said they got angry on the school run.

Used car supermarket Carcraft, which surveyed 1,000 British drivers online, found that men and women blamed arguing children and more traffic for adding to their stress.

Women had a lower tolerance threshold than men when it came to traffic jams, rudeness and weaving motorbikes, while men were more likely to be kind to learners and older people by giving them more space, researchers found.

It should calm all drivers to know that they have taken out a car insurance policy before hitting the road.

Carcraft's head of marketing, Julia Dallimore, said the survey's results were not surprising, as parents will know that having the kids in the car can really "drive mums and dads round the bend".

"The good news is, Britain does seem to be driving happy, with physical acts of road rage very rare and only 4% of drivers claiming to experience road rage on a regular basis," she said.

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