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Motorists caught using laptop whilst driving

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A motorist was caught at the wheel of his vehicle during rush hour whilst using a laptop, writing down the answers to a radio show quiz, and drinking coffee all at the same time.

Hampshire Police force had hired an unmarked HGV cab for a crackdown on careless driving in order to get a good viewpoint to observe and video offenders.  They also used two marked cars and a marked motorcycle for the initiative, called Operation Tramline.

Hampshire police noticed the motorist’s behaviour during the crackdown, with other offences including a man eating a pear with a knife whilst driving, and various motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving.

Sergeant Paul Diamond said: ''This should send a very loud message out to motorists. If you are caught using your mobile phone whilst driving you will face a £60 fine and three points on your licence.

''Should you crash whilst driving distracted or on your phone, causing death by careless driving is punishable by 14 years in prison and we will seek to robustly prosecute anyone committing these offences.

''Do not put yourself or others at risk.''

During the five-day Operation Tramline held last week on the M3 and the M27 motorways, 84 vehicles in total were stopped due to offences being witnessed, with 65 motorists prosecuted.

From those prosecuted, 55% were commercial vehicles including vans and HGVS, 39 motorists were prosecuted for driving whilst using a mobile phone, and 26 motorists were prosecuted for not being in proper control of the vehicles.

By Ben Malkin

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