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Rising fuel costs spark 100,000 strong petition

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More than 100,000 motorists have backed a petition looking to battle against soaring fuel prices over the last year.

The Fair Fuel UK petition which is championed by Kent businessmen, reached the 100,000 signature mark on the government’s e-petition website on Monday.

The government promised that whenever the 100,000 mark is hit on any petition, they will debate the issue surrounding it.

The Fair Fuel UK campaign was put in place to urge the government to do more to bring down the cost of fuel.  This includes the scrapping of the 4p fuel duty increases that is planned to be introduced in January and August 2012.  The petition also wants the government to find a way to stabilise the increasing pump costs.

Motoring journalist Quentin Willson has given his support to the scheme and the campaign has been championed by former prospective Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald, Peter Carroll, and Cranbrook businessman Howard Cox.

Carroll and Cox joined campaigners on Monday at the Tory party conference in Manchester to highlight the issue.

Mr Carroll, a former Larkfield haulier, said: "We went to the conference because this issue is crucial. In the end, the only people who can solve the fuel price issue are the MPs.”

"Passing the 100,000 mark is really historic because this initiative from the government has only been going about 10 weeks and we managed to get to the 100,000 mark in about eight weeks."

"The price of petrol and diesel is the issue, which is hurting every family and every business every time they fill up their tank. My belief is that it is vital for politicians to listen to what’s actually hurting the people on the ground."

Mr Carroll has promised to launch ‘the mother of all campaigns’ if the government does not take note and debate the issue, with other campaigners set to meet a group of MPs about the issue on Tuesday.

By Ben Malkin

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