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Britons on the move becoming dashboard diners

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A new survey has found that more than one in four motorists regularly eat whilst they are driving their cars.

The poll was conducted by gas supplier Calor Gas, and it revealed that up to 28% of motorists eat when they are on the move ‘at least once a week’.  In the category for 18-24 year olds, the percentage of people who eat whilst driving nearly doubles to 50%.

By contrast, only 21% of those over 55 said they regularly enjoy food while travelling.

The number of motorists who eat whilst driving, dubbed ‘dashboard diners’, has increased the most in the West Midlands area over recent years.  In contrast, motorists in the North East stop their car the most when they want to have some food.

The poll also found that young people under 24 have the messiest cars. One in three young drivers said their car was littered with empty bottles and food packaging.

This contrasts with around 80% of over-55s who said their car was always clean.

Gaynor Willmott from Calor said: "Identifying the trend of 'dashboard diners' has been very revealing for us as it shows just how busy people's lifestyles are today, with many people grabbing food while on the go."

By Ben Malkin

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