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Motorists lack when it comes to car maintenance

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A new survey, conducted by car insurance comparison website has found that drivers have very little knowledge when it comes to car maintenance.  A worrying 72% of motorists are unaware on how to check their brake fluid levels which is putting them in potential danger.

Furthermore, 69% of motorists have no idea how to check their engine coolant, a fluid which prevents a vehicle from overheating and if left unchecked can cause serious damage to the engine.

The survey also revealed that 57% of drivers do not know how to change a tyre (our guide can show you how) with a further 47% of motorists unable even to locate the jack.

Motorists are that laid-back about their cars maintenance, 48% haven’t even looked at their car manual.  However, with over 28.5 million cars on the road, Brake the road safety charity are urging drivers to regularly check their cars more in a bid to cut down on accidents.

Katie Shephard, Spokesperson for road safety charity, Brake, says: "Driving is one of the most dangerous things people do on a daily basis.  It's vital that all drivers are doing regular maintenance checks of their vehicle to ensure they are safe on the road.  Shockingly, five people are killed and a further 65 are seriously injured on UK roads every day. Brake urges all drivers to check their vehicle regularly to ensure they're not endangering their lives, and the lives of innocent road users."

By Ben Malkin

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