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September passenger rise for BAA

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The number of passengers making their way through terminals at BAA's six UK airports increased last month, it has been announced.

A rise of 1.4% was seen, in comparison with the same time last year, and it was Heathrow's busiest September on record.

In total, 10.08 million people passed through BAA airports last month, which is a 1% increase on last September. That is despite a 4% decrease in Stansted Airport's numbers.

Aberdeen's passenger numbers saw a 11.3% rise, while Glasgow's were up 3.2%. It was Edinburgh's busiest-ever September, with a 3% rise.

In comparison to September 2010, Southampton airport saw a 0.7% increase on the number of passengers it handled.

The increase in passenger numbers may have meant there was also a rise in the volume of travel insurance policies being bought.

Colin Matthews, chief executive at BAA, said: "Passenger numbers rose in September, with stronger growth across the group than in July and August."

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