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Internet car videos used for research into next purchase

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Research conducted by has found that one in five UK consumers will use the internet for car video content before purchasing a vehicle.

The research also found that one in six will use YouTube for reviews on cars before they make their decision.

A closer analysis of the research found that 18-44 year olds are more likely to do this, with 22% utilising YouTube and 20% utilising car manufacturer websites when deciding what car to buy next.

Over 45s were less likely to search for videos, with only 10% using YouTube and 13% using car manufacturer websites.

Chris Green, co-Founder and sales director of, said: “Our new research shows that manufacturers and dealers have much to gain by addressing the needs of the online car researcher and buyer with unique online video content.”

“However, what is apparent is that many car manufacturers either bury their unique video content on their site making it difficult to find or simply don’t make it at all. There is growing consumer consumption of video on demand content, especially via mobile devices or iPads and it presents manufacturers a great opportunity to showcase their cars – old and new.”

“Dealers are also missing out on web traffic and sales leads by not using video content effectively. Video content provides an excellent platform to inform and convert potential car buyers, via buyer’s guides, car reviews and video overviews, which can be broadcast on a dealer or manufacturer’s website.”

By Ben Malkin

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