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Hiring cars abroad 'more popular'

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Britons are increasingly seeking the convenience of having a vehicle to drive while enjoying a foreign holiday, as 38% took out a hire car this year.

Being able to get from A to B under their own steam once they landed on foreign soil was given greater priority by people this year than last, when just 19% rented a car.

A poll by travel agent found that the main reason behind this trend was that holidaymakers had more money to spend on travel extras this summer.

Your holiday could turn sour if you fail to take out car insurance when globetrotting, as a bump, scratch or crash will land you with a hefty fee.

The survey, which questioned 1,199 UK adults, each of whom had been on holiday abroad at least once in 2010 and once in 2011, found 79% felt it had enhanced their holiday.

Just 6% concluded it "wasn't worthwhile", and 52% felt they would probably hire a car for a trip abroad in 2012.

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