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Porsche bagged in trading challenge

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A car trading challenge is set to raise thousands of pounds for charity after a magazine team managed to turn a starting point of zero into a Porsche.

Car Dealer Magazine's odyssey began in May last year when a Volkswagen Golf MkIII and a second-hand Audi A3 were donated to them to get the challenge under way.

Employing all their insider knowledge, they traded a variety of second-hand cars in a bid to make enough profit to snap up a Porsche 911.

After 17 months of wheeling and dealing, the team finally turned the motors into enough money to buy the German model, a snip at £9,900.

The biggest profit earner was a Hyundai i10 football car, which brought in £3,005, while the team managed to make £2,220 out of three Mazda MX-5s by using parts from the third one to repair the other two and sell them on.

Car industry charity BEN will benefit from all the cash raised from the sale of the Porsche, which the team hopes will appeal to a buyer with deep enough pockets to afford to buy and run the sports vehicle, car insurance and all.

The team had to work through a number of sales to reach their target - models sold included a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, Skoda Fabia, Ford Fiesta, Renault Scenic, Mercedes CLK, Ford Ka and Volvo 940.

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