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Electric car infrastructure gets into gear across the UK

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It is still early days for electric cars to be a common site on UK roads, but Great Britain it seems is taking additional steps to keep electric car owners moving with both public and private charging networks hitting the UK.

 After the launches of a Boris-backed recharging network in London with 216 points, along with a national network from Ecotricity with 12 points, Chargemaster’s new network, Polar, has now opened what is described as the “UK’s first privately funded nationwide electric vehicle” network with 150 electric points. Chargemaster are said to be ambitious in their plans, aiming to grow their network to 4,000 points by the end of the year building them at a rate of 300 a month.

 These new charging bays are said to be the next step in joining the steady increase of networking points across the UK as the country gears up in its attempt to be more environmentally friendly.

 It’s not all good news for electric car drivers though, as a membership of Polar Networks charges a monthly fee of £24.50 with a 90p per electric charge.

 David Martell, the company’s CEO says he isn’t worried about competition between public and private charging networks saying “The idea is to build an infrastructure, regardless of who it’s owned by”.

The Government is also part funding some of these electricity points with its plugged-in places scheme which sees a £30 million contribution to the network campaign but the Department for Transport announced that only 465 electric cars were sold under the Governments £5,000 grant in the first quarter, falling to 215 in the second, which suggests more needs to be done to coax consumers to take the dive and make the purchase.

By Daniel Picken

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