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Delorean back in production

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Great Scott! The DMC Delorean is back, oh yes, the car we all wanted when we were younger, the time machine, as Marty and Doc get up to mischief in their eventful time travelling adventures, ah takes you back.


For all the back to future fans out there, the iconic car has come back to the future, built by the Delorean Motor Company (DMC) in association with startup Epic EV, unfortunately not with a Flux capacitor but with an electric battery, that’s right, its an electric car however built by a company called Flux Power surprisingly.


Delorean and Epic EV (Electric vehicles) unveiled the new motor at the International Delorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas, and plans for production will start as soon as 2013.


Delorean say they plan to further develop prototypes combining the existing DeLorean automobile with the Epic EV electric powertrain producing a number of prototypes for the USA market. Delorean haven’t released any specs yet but they have promised to make sure it will reach an astonishing 0.60 in 4.9 seconds with 200 pounds of weight added to its electrical system yet will have enough toque to overcome the heft.


Delorean say they will even add some cool extras integrating an iPhone dock inside and a hinged grille that opens up to reveal the charging point.


Unfortunately DMC hasn’t set a specific release date yet nor will any prices, so fans have to wait in anticipation to get their hands on this piece of iconic automotive genius.



By Daniel Picken

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