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Fast Furious and Famous

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Famous cars and vans featured in past and present films and television programmes are a character in their own right.

From the Aston Martin in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royle’ to ‘The Del Boy Van’ in ‘Only Fools and Horses’, they all play an important part within the film or television programme they star in.

The Aston Martin is firm favourite with celebrities and the general public with many celebrities owning this car which has been made famous throughout the years; they give an a-list status to anyone that drives them.

Famously Prince William and Kate Middleton drove the classic car through the streets of London after their wedding which made the car even more desirable.

Television programmes have also used cars as a main focus point so the audience can associate a certain car or van with that programme such as the Mini from ‘Mr Bean’.

Jamie Kyle, 25, from Burslem said: “The most memorable car from a TV programme for me is the three wheeled van from Only Fools and horses.

“The programme made the van famous as the show was so massive with everyone.”

Featuring cars as a specific point of a storyline gets the audience interested as well as feeling the need to own one themselves.

Films and television are moving with the times by using the latest types of cars that are available to everyone today; these are starting to outshine the old classics such as Kitt from ‘Nightrider’ and Ecto-1 from ‘Ghostbusters’. 

Most recently Fast and Furious 5 has been released this year with many of the cars being sleek, appealing and powerful.

Trevor Montford, 28, from Birches Head said: “The cars in Fast and Furious are fast and powerful which keep people who watch the film on the edge of their seat.

“They also base the film around the cars been striking and make you want to own or drive one yourself.”

With the excitement to drive a fast car that has been seen in a film there are many gift experience days that are now offered which are proving popular with many people.

The experience allows you to drive a specific car for an amount of time giving the driver the ultimate experience of driving classic cars such as the Aston Martin or a Ferrari, many of which can be seen in a film or TV programme.

There is no doubt about it the excitement of cars and vans will continue to grow through the years with more films and television programmes introducing iconic and exciting new vehicles.

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By, Amanda Bainbridge