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More licences lost over eyesight

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The number of drivers who have lost their licence due to failing eyesight has doubled in the past four years, figures reveal.

A total of 1,597 licences were revoked in 2006, and the figure reached 4,009 in 2010, the Co-operative Motor Group found from data released after a freedom of information request.

Motorists will find car insurance firms are strict in their requests for relevant information when customers apply for deals.

Drivers concerned over their eyesight should see a doctor or eye specialist, said the group. They must then contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if advised to do so and say if they have a condition that makes it dangerous to drive.

Anyone who needs to follow this rule and does not do so can be fined up to £1,000, and their driver insurance may also be invalidated.

The rest of the number of licences revoked were: 2,612 in 2007; and 2,764 in 2008.

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