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Haunted Premiums

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Halloween is nearly upon us so we have looked into whether haunted house attractions are required to have special insurance premiums during this busy time of year.

Many theme parks open up their gates for an event dedicated to the seasonal celebration of Halloween.

Alton Towers put on a ‘Scarefest’ event each year for the general public, as do Thorpe Park with their event ‘Fright Night’.

To make these events spookier Alton Towers and Thorpe Park put on a number of new sketches which means more props than usual are needed as well as actors.

Research shows that the below information are key factors which can help organisations premiums go down for a Haunted House.

Spooky Facts

It helps if there are no spooky stairs, no creepy steep ramps, no dreadful moving floors, no ghostly tunnels, no haunting slides and no frightful knives or swords.

Independent brokers tend to handle liability insurance such as, Public and Employers Liability, Contractors All Risk and Professional Indemnity; these are the main types of insurance that is needed for these kinds of events. 

Theatrical Tricks

Along with problems with props, in some cases there can be incidents where an actor chasing a member of the public may get injured by the visitor due to them being too scared by the performance they are putting on.

Theme parks have to take extra care when putting on an event such as ‘Scarefest and ‘Fright Night’.

They have to take into consideration situations that may occur as well as the safety of their employees.

Back to reality

It’s not just theme park haunted houses that need extra insurance. There are real haunted houses around the UK that people live in.

The two most haunted properties in the UK are Wymering Manor and Woodchester Park.

In a recent survey conducted by The Telegraph their statistics show that the average contents insurance for a UK home is around £72 per year.

The ‘Haunted Houses’ that we have researched are much larger and hold much more insurable value that an average UK home.

Our statistics show that each house could expect to receive a contents insurance premium of £1173.57 and £1370.22 respectively per year.

It is clear to see there is a significant amount of insurance needed to put on the more theatrical events such as the type that Alton Towers and Thorpe Park provide. 

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By Amanda Bainbridge