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Insurers issue water damage warning

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Homeowners have been warned that water damage from leaking showers and dripping pipes are potentially a greater risk to homes than burglary.

Home insurance experts have revealed that the cost of water-related damage reached £730 million last year, while burglaries cost £370 million during the same period.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) pointed out that almost every house (95%) in the UK has been fitted with central heating, while 96% have a washing machine, both of which increase the risk of water damage.

The organisation highlighted water pipes hidden in cupboards or walls as the main cause of water problems (35% of claims), but also drew attention to unlagged frozen pipes bursting, which account for 14% of claims.

As we head deeper into autumn and closer to winter it is something homeowners can be vigilant about, by making sure to lag all pipes and keep an eye on whether they are frozen.

Meanwhile, the third most common cause of damage were leaky showers, with 10% of claims.

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