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Higher quotes for mobile disco dons

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A poll assessing the cost of car insurance found that mobile disco owners were quoted the most.

The study - based on 12 months of quotes - found that typical quotes for the on-the-road disco dons could reach more than £6,000.

Also likely to receive higher quotes were nightclub owners and professional footballers.

At the other end of the scale airline pilots were deemed the safest bet - picking up a low premium of £320 on average.

They were joined in the low-quote camp by toy makers, writers of travel guides and nurses.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, said: "Your profession can significantly affect your insurance cost so if you change jobs it's worth letting your insurer know.

"Contributing factors will include the type of car you choose to drive, the average age of people with that profession and of course your claims history as a driver."

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