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Petrol Price Increases by 14%

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The number of breakdowns around the UK is increasing according the AA and Green Flag due to the rise with ongoing petrol prices, people are putting the same amount of money in their cars but because of the petrol rise it isn’t getting them as far as it used to do a few years ago.

The AA have revealed they are hitting nearly 23,000 call outs per year due to petrol prices going up.

On both motorways and normal roads drivers are changing the way they drive to save on fuel costs, tests have shown that accelerating gently and avoiding any unnecessary braking can also cut fuel costs for motorists.

Katt Lovatt, 26, from Birches Head said: “I have seen a difference with petrol prices, I have to put more petrol in a week to do the same journey I have been doing for years.

“If petrol prices continue going up it isn’t going to be very good for anyone.”

Rising Costs

There has been an increase of up to 30p a litre in the last couple of years of which is set to increase over the years to come.

With the added cost of MOT testing, taxing your car and general wear and tear issues, petrol only adds to the list making owning a car more expensive each year.

Motorists are feeling the pinch from the current petrol rise and many are taking alternative means of transport to get from place to place.

Different methods such as bikes, mopeds and public transport are proving to be a lot cheaper for people than using cars to get to around.

David Cameron has promised progress on the issue of petrol prices but nothing seems to be changing yet.

Edmund King, AA president said: “The squeeze from relentlessly high pump prices is due to get worse as driving in the dark and winter weather adds greater fuel consumption to motorists’ misery.”

With up to date apps and websites available on phones and computers at the moment, supermarkets seem to have the cheaper petrol prices compared to petrol stations and service stations which is proving a helpful resource to motorists.

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By Amanda Bainbridge