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PM tentatively backs clock changes

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The Government plans to throw its weight behind a proposal to put clocks in the UK forward by one hour all year round, but it is ready to drop the plans if Scotland is opposed to the changes.

The number of car and van insurance claims on the UK's roads could be reduced if the idea is put into practice as lighter winter evenings would lead to fewer accidents and break-ins, according to motoring organisations such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and road safety charity Brake.

But while Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is "interested" in the issue, he will withdraw his support for the plans if they come up against any clear opposition from the devolved authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Advocates of moving to Central European Time will also say that lighter winter evenings will lead to increased tourism revenues and reduced energy use.

However, plans for such a change may be opposed by Scotland who may not be keen on the idea of facing an extra hour of darkness in the mornings.

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