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Top Ten Speed Cameras

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Britain’s top ten speed cameras have been named by The Sun for bringing in the most revenue each year.

The Sun newspaper carried out their investigation using the government figures where it has been identified that between the ten cameras there has been £3 million pounds generated each year from motorists driving over the speed limit.

Motorists are caught out on a daily basis by speed cameras making people more aware of their speed limit, although the figures show more and more people getting caught out by them.

The camera that caught the worst offenders is situated on the A1 Southbound between junctions three and four near Herefordshire.

The figures found that the camera managed to catch 789 drivers a month’s raising nearly £600,000 per year if drivers are given the standard £60 fine.

The second highest camera on the A3 on Anglesea Road in Portsmouth caught 537 motorists, followed by the third highest camera on the A40 Western Avenue in London; this camera caught 499 motorists in total.  

All of the information found by the investigation shows that there is a high percentage of motorists being caught by these cameras.

Situated along the seafront of Brighton there are 11 cameras stretched across the main road with 18,045 drivers been caught over three years.

It was revealed the worst performing camera for the government was based in Dorset; this camera caught no speeding motorists in three years.

In the past it has been said that speed cameras don’t have any effect on accidents on the roads. 

A spokesman for Drivers’ Alliance said: “Cameras don't improve safety. They're often placed to generate maximum revenue.”

A spokesman for road safety charity Brake disagreed, saying: “They are an extremely effective way of enforcing the law, reducing speeds and preventing tragedies.”

Motorists have been reported to be keen to get rid of the current speed cameras spread across the UK, with some going to great lengths of burning the cameras or creating inventive ways to not get caught.

There are 6,000 cameras around the UK, and now that certain roads have been named in the investigation as the main areas that are caught out by the cameras will make motorists more cautious along these roads in the future.

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By Amanda Bainbridge