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'Drivealyser' to reduce accidents

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AlcoDigital has unveiled a anti-drink device named the 'Drivealyser', which disables the ignition of a vehicle if the driver has consumed more alcohol than a pre-set limit.

Launched last month, its threshold is set at 25% of the UK drink driving limit but this can be adjusted.

Despite constant warnings, stiffer penalties and public awareness campaigns, people still get behind the wheel of their cars while intoxicated. This can cause motor vehicle wrecks and serious physical injuries.

The Drivealyser has an inbuilt breathalyser and immobiliser that automatically senses excess alcohol levels and stops the vehicle from starting.

The innovation aims to prevent drink and drive accidents and further reduce van insurance claims.

The device can be fitted in all types of vehicles such as trucks, vans and cars, as well as buses, coaches and mini-buses.

It also re-tests the driver at random intervals to ensure that it is not tricked.

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