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Young Britons are globetrotters

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A recent study by Travelodge has shown that British kids visit international destinations more than cities in this country.

Out of 2,000 young Britons (aged six to 16) surveyed - 40% have visited the French capital city Paris, while only 17% have taken a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital.

Around a quarter of youngsters have holidayed in Madrid but just 14% have been to Cardiff.

Apart from the European tourist hot spots, famous American cities are also on their list of kids most visited destinations.

Around one-third have travelled to either Washington, New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. On the other hand, just 18% have visited Leeds and Liverpool in England.

The findings have been published in a report named 'UK Cities'.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy could prove useful for youngsters planning a trip abroad.

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