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The Classic Motor Show

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The Footman James Classic Car Motor Show will be taking place at Birmingham NEC Arena on the 11th, 12th and 13th of November 2011. 

The exhibition is set to display 1400 cars from all eras showcasing different makes and models through the years.

Thousands of motoring enthusiasts are expected to visit the exhibition whether they own a classic vehicle themselves or are just genuine fans of all things motor.

Throughout the day restoration workshops are displayed live where visitors can see the different skills that go into restoring a classic car to its original glory.

On the live stage will be television presenters Mike Brewer and Edd China from the programme Wheeler and Dealers presenting daily activities including ‘Edds challenge’, live car demos, expert guests, game shows and giveaways.

The TV duo are well known for their on screen partnership, Mike Brewer buys classic run down cars which Edd China then works his magic to restore the car.

There will also be a chance for visitors to be a passenger in a selection of cars for a 10-mile drive around the show.  

The Meguiars Club is a big part of the show which is dedicated to displaying the top 16 ‘Best in Show’ cars in the UK today, ranging from a Mini to a VW Beetle.

There will also be a few wild card entries which will also be added to the line up, all the vehicles have been awarded top honours at their marque national shows.

It is not just cars the exhibition showcases, by popular demand motorbikes are included too, there will be a display of bikes from past years and a section which features ‘the wall of death’ which sees motorcyclists display their tricks known as the ‘daredevil’, there will also be an expert team riding classic bikes on a purpose built course to show spectators what the bikes can do.

Former World Superbike champion Pierfrancesco ‘Frankie’ Chili and Ex- World Champion Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty will be attending the exhibition signing autographs, sharing stories and doing a meet and greet for all their fans.

Well known UK companies and traders will also be on hand offering different products for motoring and bike enthusiasts.

At the classic show there will be cars that visitors can buy ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 to suit all budgets.

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By Amanda Bainbridge