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James Bond

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The title of the new James Bond film has yesterday been announced by the film’s producers. The highly anticipated film is to be called ‘Skyfall’.

Skyfall will be the 23rd Bond film to be released; it is due to hit our cinema screens on 26th October 2012. The announcement came 50 years to the day that Sean Connery was revealed to play the famous spy in Dr No, the very first Bond film to be made.

Daniel Craig who is set to play James Bond for the third time has already started a strict fitness regime to get into shape to play Mr Bond.

Dame Judi Dench will also be back playing ‘M’ along with follow actors Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes, and Javier Bardem, certain characters are being kept a secret by producers until the film is released to keep film critics and fans guessing on which actor will play which character.

Naomie Harris will play a field agent with Berenice Marlohe playing the glamorous character of Severine. 

Filming is set to commence in London moving to Scotland, China, Turkey and also the Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire. The budget of the film is estimated at £125 million.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson the producers of the film confirmed the name of the film as well as sharing their excitement for director Sam Mendes to be working on ‘Skyfall’, they said: “We’re so delighted to have Sam Mendes direct Skyfall and be working once again with Daniel Craig. 

“We've a great script, an extraordinary cast and an incredibly talented creative team for this latest James Bond adventure.”

The films storyline has been kept quiet by everyone involved in the film but director Sam Mendes promised plenty of action packed scenes and surprises for ‘Skyfall’.

The film will feature the famous car chases that happen in all of the past bond films, using highly desired fast cars.

The Aston Martin has been the main car that Bond has used over the years, Die Another Day saw Bond using an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace featured Bond driving the Aston Martin DBS model, both featured in car chasing scenes.

There is a James Bond International fan club based online where fans discuss the cars being used in the Bond films, the website gives details of all the cars that have featured in all of the films. The BMW was the mostly used car for the early films but now the sleek Aston Martin has taken over from the BMW.

With the film set to be released next year there will be the expected excitement to the film from the car chases and action scenes and more importantly what cars they will use for the film.

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By Amanda Bainbridge