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No MoT test for classic cars mooted

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Classic vehicles produced before 1960 might not have to undergo the standard MoT test, according to recent Government proposals.

The purpose of the annual test is to ensure automobile safety, road worthiness of the vehicle and exhaust emissions for most vehicles produced over three years ago.

However, most of the current features of the inspection are not suitable for cars produced half a century ago.

Moreover, owners with such vintage vehicles usually treat them as their prize possessions and keep them in a very good condition.

Though the exemption of the MoT test is expected to decrease overall cost for the motorists, they will still need to buy car insurance policies.

Roads minister Mike Penning said: "We are committed to reducing regulation which places a financial burden on motorists without providing significant overall benefits.

"Owners of classic cars and motorbikes are enthusiasts who maintain their vehicles well - they don't need to be told to look after them, they're out there every weekend checking the condition of the engine, tyres and bodywork."

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