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UK Government spend £750,000 on tickets for The Olympics

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It has been revealed that the UK Government have spent an estimated £750,000 on tickets for the Olympic 2012 Games.

Around 1.9 million people applied for the prestigious tickets with only 700,000 people being successful leaving many members of the general public empty handed, however the Media, Culture and Sport department have managed to secure 8,815 tickets in total.

Among the tickets that have been purchased are 213 tickets for the opening ceremony costing around £194,525 with 143 tickets for the closing ceremony at a cost of £71,490.

The idea for the tickets is for the Government to use the games as an opportunity to entertain people from international businesses and politicians to help with economic benefits.

Members of the public have been left disappointed and angry with such a large amount of tickets going to the Government.

A DCMS spokesman said: "Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games next summer is a once-in a-generation opportunity to showcase the UK to a massive international audience.

"We are determined to use this unique opportunity to maximise the economic benefits for the country.

"The Government has purchased 8,815 tickets for the Games - around 0.1% of the 8.8 million tickets available.

"These will be used to invite and accompany a number of international and domestic political and business leaders, as well as guests with a close connection to the Games and its legacy.

"As we have said before, there will be no free tickets for civil servants, and no tickets at all for the opening and closing ceremonies."

The Government have argued that 3,000 of the tickets will go to staff who have been involved in the Olympic Games for last two years; however they will have to pay for the tickets themselves with the option to pay for them in stages.

It has emerged that 12 travel companies have all signed up to a scheme which will offer a 20.12% discount to anyone that books a break before or during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the scheme is hopefully going to boost tourism around the UK.

The main tickets the Government secured for themselves have been revealed as the swimming, cycling, athletic and diving events.

Unsold Paralympic tickets along with any football tickets left will go on sale in December, online ticket release is also set for April 2012, which may see another 1.3 million tickets been available to buy.

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By Amanda Bainbridge