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Driving tests decrease

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New research has shown more drivers are driving on UK roads without holding a valid licence.

In recent months there has been a decrease in the number of people learning to drive because of the rise in costs of running a car and the price of learning to drive.  

Learning to drive and paying for a test is a costly business which sees people deciding to drive without a licence causing greater risks on the roads.

Figures released by the Department Of Transport revealed from April to August this year show only 640,000 tests were taken compared to last year’s amount of 750,000 signifying a 5 per cent drop.

With MOT, tax, petrol and insurance adding up, motoring costs are becoming a factor for people to decide if they run a car or use public transport.

Research taken by showed more than 13 per cent of people know someone who is driving on the roads without a driving licence along with 20 per cent admitting due to the rise in costs they couldn’t afford to take a test.

Gareth Kloet of, which commissioned the research, said: “A new shocking trend is emerging where people no longer bother taking their driving test.

“As the price of car insurance increases, we are seeing that the rate of people taking driving tests is falling. This is worrying as its suggests not only that drivers are going to be tempted to drive uninsured but now they might be tempted to not even take their driving test in the first place.

“With more than 28.5 million cars on the road, people must drive safely, so they need to take their driving test and ensure their vehicle has adequate car insurance.”

More technologies are being introduced to catch motorists who are making roads unsafe, the Police now have access to the Automatic Vehicle Registration Recognition System, the equipment scans the registration of the vehicle and can detect who the registered keeper of the car is.

There is a major reason as to why there is a UK driving test to take; it proves the driver is capable of driving on roads safely and calmly.

There is a big price to pay if a driver is to drive without a licence, the potential damage of driving without a licence can be disqualification, loss of licence and a hefty fine.

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By Amanda Bainbridge