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Olympics 'won't stop UK tourists'

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Most Britons are still planning to go ahead with their holiday plans next year, despite the Olympics happening in London.

Researchers at TripAdvisor revealed that just 12% of respondents said they would stay at home during the Games to watch the competition.

Meanwhile, 10% are actively seeking opportunities to go away during the Olympics in the expectation of snagging a bargain.

A total of 6,092 international tourists, with 1,440 from the UK, took part in the survey, which also showed that 36% said they are now more likely to secure travel insurance due to recent problems in the travel industry.

Results from the poll showed that 66% of UK residents are planning to take between two and four leisure trips next year.

The amount planning a long-haul trip next year has fallen from 66% this year to 60%, but a massive 88% of Britons are expecting to have at least one short-haul holiday in 2012.

For those planning long-haul vacations next year, North America, Africa and Asia are the most popular destinations.

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