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Driving experts give ice advice

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The commercial arm of the Institute of Advanced Motorists charity has published tips on how best to handle a vehicle on icy roads.

IAM Drive and Survive tips are straightforward enough, although it advises referring to the manual if vehicles are fitted with ABS or ESP.

Basically the more prepared one is the less likelihood of a car insurance-shaped headache.

One of the basic, perhaps most obvious bits of advice is to ensure you have a ready supply of de-icer as well as a scraper. Ice and condensation should be removed from all windows of the vehicle to ensure maximum visibility.

Try to park on level ground or facing downhill. If starting the vehicle on an icy road, use second gear and release the clutch to gently accelerate.

Staying in higher gears while on the move reduces the chance of wheels spinning. If your vehicle does happen to lose grip, let go of both the accelerator and clutch and steer smoothly.

Leave a bigger distance than usual between yourself and other vehicles.

IAM Drive and Survive training leader Simon Elstow said: "Now is the time to start thinking about how to deal with wintry weather so that when it comes along, you are ready for it. We all need to respect the weather and make adjustments to deal with it."

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