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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton claimed victory at the Yas Marina Circuit yesterday.

The positive win for Hamilton came after a difficult season in which he has struggled on and off the track.

Hamilton faced competition from Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso who came in second place just nine seconds behind Hamilton.

The win was Hamilton’s 17th career victory and his third victory of the season, his first since the German Grand Prix in July.

Hamilton told the BBC he was pleased with his performance saying: “In terms of my own performance, I don't feel like I made a single mistake in the race. To hold off one of the best drivers in the world is very tough to do.

"I'm really, really very happy to be back up here."

He also took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support after the race, he said: “Was a great feeling to win today thank you for all your support it means so much.”

With his win yesterday the pressure will be on Hamilton to deliver a high performance in the final race for the Formula 1 season.  

The rest of the race saw Jenson Button take third place but had to battle for the position after losing his KERS power boost system for half of the race.

He said: “We found a way of getting the KERS working again but the problem was it would only last for a couple of laps and then it would stop working and there was no warning to tell me it had stopped working so I would just lose all engine braking.

“It was pretty tricky, so to get to the end and be on the podium, I am pretty happy with that.”

Red Bulls World Champion Sebastian Vettel surprisingly pulled out of the race because of a puncture to his tyre, the damage it had caused meant Vettel could not continue the race.

He showed what a team player he was when he stayed at the Red Bull pit for the rest of the race instead of leaving the track.

Vettel has won 11 of the 17 races so far, it was thought he would equal Michael Schumacher’s historic record of 13 victories.

Among spectators watching the race was Sir Paul McCartney who was seen in the Ferrari pit watching the exciting race. 

The next Grand Prix will be at the Sao Paulo Circuit in Brazil on the 25-27th November.

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By Amanda Bainbridge