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Celebrity Insurance Policies

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These days insurance is available for everything, some people insure anything from a moustache to a pair of legs.

The general public insure usual things such as cars, homes and valued possessions celebrities go a step further by insuring body parts that has made them famous.

For celebrities insuring their most famous body part is to secure their future, if something happened to them they will be secure because of their insurance, in most cases if they are known for a certain feature they insure that feature, if they were to have a accident the insurer will pay out a sum to the celebrities depending on the extent of the injury.

Most football stars insure themselves, David Beckham is famous for his football skills to protect himself he insured his legs and feet in case something happened and he can no longer play football, as did Cristiano Ronaldo insuring his legs for £90 million.

Many celebrities have insured their legs for a huge amount of money, Michael Flatley insured his legs for a reported £25 million and German supermodel Heidi Klum also insured her legs for £1.1 million one leg for £600,00 the other for only £500,000 because of a scar on her knee de valued it.  

Faces are also popular with celebrities who use their face for their job, supermodel Claudia Schiffer insured her face for £5 million and actress America Ferrara insured her smile for £5 million.

Body parts are not the only thing celebrities insure these days, food critic Egon Ronay insured his taste buds for £200 million and chief taster for Dreyers Grand Ice Cream insured his tasting ability for £1 million.

Most recently formula one driver Fernando Alonso insured his thumbs for £9 million to cover him if anything happened which meant he could no longer drive.

Worldwide companies also insure themselves, game shows insure themselves if a contestant wins a big prize or they also insure their most valued employees if they were ill or couldn’t do their job anymore which changes the company’s financial status such as Bill Gates.

There has also been instances where a celebrity has insured themselves for bizarre reasons, it is reported the American television host Larry King has insured himself if he is ever abducted by Aliens, it may be a spoof insurance but it shows what lengths celebrities will go to, to insure themselves against anything happening to them.

Celebrities will no doubt carry on insuring different body parts and different characteristics for a large amount of money in years to come.

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By Amanda Bainbridge