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Flooding in Sutton Coldfield

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Sutton Coldfield suffered from severe flooding over the weekend due to a burst water main.

More than 150 homes were hit by the powerful flood when a burst water main split at Barr Beacon Reservoir in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield.

The flood started around 4.30am and continued for three hours damaging homes and gardens.

Homeowners were told to stay on the upper level of their houses until the flooding was taken care of by local emergency services.

Surrounding roads were closed until 8am the next day until it was safe to travel around the damaged areas.

South Staffordshire have informed homeowners affected by the events on Saturday to claim on their insurance for any damage that has been done to their home or any possessions that have been lost and they will reimburse the insurance companies.

A spokesman from South Staffordshire Water said they didn't know what caused the water pipe to explode but apologised to everyone concerned, they said: “It is very rare for a burst water main to cause damage to properties.

“We will write to everyone involved and explain what they need to do claim for their possessions.

“Their insurance will pay them and we will reimburse the insurance companies.”

Properties and gardens that have been affected by the flood have suffered from an estimated tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

It has been reported that around 2 million litres of water had been pumped out by the fire services.

An investigation has been opened as to why the water pipe burst causing the flooding.

The recent floods proves that it isn’t just weather than can cause damage to homes, having buildings and contents insurance is almost a necessity to have in situations that can occur which are out of your control such as burst water pipes.


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By Amanda Bainbridge