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Decade of rises for petrol prices

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Official figures have confirmed how much the price of petrol has risen over the past decade.

Back in 2000, the price of a litre of petrol was around 75p, but this has now risen to as much as 134p.

In fact, in some places motorists have been paying as much as 136p per litre, money which is eating into the budget for other essentials such as car insurance and tax.

The price per litre has risen steadily over the past few years, reaching 76.9p by 2004 and 104.3p by 2008.

However, the current price of 134p includes 58p in tax and 22p in VAT - meaning that just 54p covers the actual petrol.

Figures for 2009/10 showed that the average household was spending just over 2% of its spare cash on petrol and diesel duty.

For the poorest families this rose to 3.5% of disposable income.

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