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Drivers laugh at soaked pedestrians

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Some drivers have admitted that they had either laughed at someone soaked at the roadside, or had even intentionally drenched a pedestrian.

According to a survey carried out by the webuyanycar company, of the 2,000 drivers questioned, 16% have deliberately splashed water from a puddle over a pedestrian.

Nearly two-fifth of respondents said they have laughed when they saw someone soaked at the roadside. More than half (55%) took extra efforts to avoid getting people wet while 26% said they had soaked someone by accident.

Out of those who splashed, 12% stopped to say sorry. However, 17% did nothing and 16% admitted laughing.

Under the 1988 Road Traffic Act, motorists can be taken to court for selfish or aggressive behaviour while driving. However, the survey found that only 44% of motorists are aware of this.

Convicted drivers may also have to face an increase in their car insurance premiums.

A spokesman for said: "There seems to be a clear split on people's sense of humour and while some people may find this amusing, driving through puddles is not only inconsiderate but can also be dangerous."

He added: "When conditions are bad, it's important that we all act safely."

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