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Olympic Transport

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London traffic is a major problem for motorists on a daily basis, the question everyone is asking is how the London traffic will cope during the Olympic 2012 games.

The Olympic Games is expected to attract nine million spectators over 16 days with the Paralympics bringing a further two million over 11 days. 

With most of the Games taking place in London concerns have been raised as to how the narrow streets will cope when they are already at full capacity.

The Games Committee are hoping spectators will use public transport after £6.5bn has been spent extending lines and upgrading networks to make it easier for traffic when the Olympics are up and running.

To minimise traffic during the Games it has been put forward to businesses to stagger working times, plan delivery times and urge staff to take alternative routes to work.

Delays of up to an hour are still expected in certain areas of the capital despite everything being put in place to avoid this.

In a hope to keep traffic to a minimum, a team of transport and police officials will control London’s traffic network, they can manually control 6,000 traffic signals to divert vehicles away from traffic jams.

In July next year rail, road and ports will have representatives identifying any incidents that could cause traffic delays using the latest technology.

The main importance is ensuring athletes and officials get to the events in good time via the Olympic Route which consists of a 109-mile stretch of London’s roads with Games Lanes put in place for officials, sponsors and athletes to use.

However there have been issues raised from businesses and residents who are worried about the level of traffic measures there will be including side road closures, banning turns and altering traffic light sequences.

London’s main taxis service have said the restrictions may mean slower journeys and more traffic jams resulting in angry customers, they have been told they will be vital in means of transport for the Games but will not be allowed to use the Games Lane.

Transport for London are asking for people who have concerns regarding traffic and transport issues to get in touch with them so they can figure out a plan to minimise any disruption next summer.

The Olympic Committee are urging motorists and visitors to plan their journey carefully during the Games to avoid any delays.  

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By Amanda Bainbridge