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New seating system for low cost carrier

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Easyjet have announced they may be introducing mandatory seat reservations for all their passengers.

The Low cost airline currently operate an unreserved seating system where passengers pick their seat once they are on board, unless they have a speeding boarding ticket or are travelling with a child when they can board the aircraft before anyone else to pick their seat.

Anyone who has travelled with Easyjet will know there is a mass of passengers all rushing to get on the aircraft so they have a suitable seat, bringing in the new plan will help to make flights more organised.

The Luton based company are due to hold various trial flights at the beginning of next year to see if it will be successful.

All passengers on the trial flights will be allocated a specific seat with the option to buy font row seats and seats with extra leg room in advance.

Carolyn McCall, Easyjet CEO said: "This is another example of Easyjet trying to do all it can to make travel easy and affordable for our passengers. We look forward to seeing how our passengers respond and how the trial works.

We will roll it out further only if it works operationally, from a revenue perspective and increases passenger satisfaction. If it doesn’t, we won’t."

The new plan is hoping to reach out to business passengers due to the rise of one million more using the low cost service compared to last year.

Easyjet will be keeping their promise of low cost flights and will be making sure their turnaround time is also kept to the standard time of 25 minutes.  

Total revenues for the company rose 16 per cent to £3.5 billion in a year while seat revenues were up 3.4 per cent to £55.27.

Easyjet flies on more than 582 routes between 129 airports in 30 countries with more than 300 million Europeans living within one hour's drive of an Easyjet airport, more than any other airline.

Only time will tell if the new reserved seating plan will be successful for Easyjet once the trials have all been completed.


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By Amanda Bainbridge