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MOT testing could be set to two years

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The Government have announced plans to look at reducing the frequency of MOT tests in the UK.

Their reasoning for the new proposal is because cars are more efficient and technology in them are far better than they were a few years ago.

The MOT is an essential check on a vehicle that uses UK roads, the MOT tests everything on a car from the horn to the tyres, it helps to keep roads safe and reduce the risks of accidents.

The proposal is to MOT vehicles every two years instead of its current annual check; however it has faced backlash from companies and motorists who are against the plan.

A campaign has been set up called PRO-MOTe to get ministers to rule out a reduction in MOT frequency.

It is currently being backed by a petition which has 990 signatures as of Friday 18th November 2011 from motorists and well known companies such as Autoglass.

PRO-MOTe are pointing out vital information that is important to back the campaign, fewer tests could lead to more accidents causing the roads to be more dangerous as well as higher costs, higher insurance and additional problems with vehicles.

PRO-MOTe have published a report to back the campaign, it showed if annual testing is scrapped the number of road fatalities is likely to rise by more than 250 each year and serious injuries by 2,200.

It has also revealed that 94 per cent of drivers think the MOT test is very important to road safety with 40 MP’s signing a motion in parliament calling for the proposal to be scrapped.

It could also have an effect on employment issues as it is estimated up to 40,000 jobs could be put at risk and it could potentially put people and apprentices out of work.

Many problems could occur for a motorist, if a car hasn’t been tested for a couple of years it could turn a minor problem into something major which could cost more for the owner.

If a vehicle isn’t safe on the roads it could potentially cause an accident which will then put the motorist’s insurance premiums higher.

The MOT fees may not be affected if the proposal is agreed but the costs of what work needs to be done to the car may cost a lot more than it would if it was annually.

With many people against the new proposal it is hard to see how it will go ahead.

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By Amanda Bainbridge