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Petrol price petition set to cause a stir

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Petrol prices are set to increase even further, fuel duty is expected to go up by 3p a litre in January meaning an extra £1.50 will be needed to fill a car.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon has voiced his opinions on the increase, calling on the government to scrap the plans.

He has set up an e-petition against rising fuel costs which as of Friday 18th November has 119,992 signatures from motorists including 100 MPs who are against the increase.

The petition calls on the government to change four main points which are, to scrap plans of a 3p rise in petrol in January and a further 1p added to this in August 2012, it asks to create a price stabilisation mechanism that smooth’s out fluctuations in the pump price, pressure big oil companies to pass on cheaper oil to motorists, set up a commission to look at market competitiveness and radical ways of cutting fuel taxes in the long term.

Halfon expressed his opinion on the increase he said: “We have to be realistic and truthful about who pays the lion’s share of fuel duty.

“It’s families driving to work and schools, it’s small businesses who can’t afford to drive a van or lorry, it’s non-motorists who depend on buses who are also being crushed by rocketing food prices as the cost of road haulage goes through the roof.”

The Government have recognised the petition and have said they understand petrol has become a significant part of day to day spending for motorists and are feeling the pinch of added costs.

Ministers are arguing prices would of been higher if the automatic fuel tax had not been scrapped which was imposed by labour.

They say motorists are £56 better of each year for the scrapping of the automatic fuel tax which was put into place.

Motorists have raised their concerns over yet another fuel increase saying: “People are finding it hard already with the increase and it will be harder if they increase it again.

"The Government are trying to force people off the roads and it’s working if they put prices up.”

It looks like Robert Halfon will be up against the government in the next couple of weeks to stop the increase happening, the number of signatures on the e-petition is growing daily.

Fuel prices have tripled in the last 20 years, the average price for unleaded petrol around Stoke-on- Trent at the moment stands at 130.2 for a litre.


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By Amanda Bainbridge