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New proposal for young drivers

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It has been revealed that The Association of British Insurers believe young drivers should not be given their licences straight away and new rules should be put into place.

A number of new rules have been put forward including mores tests after passing and strict timing where young drivers can only drive at specific times.

The Association of British Insurers have said the new proposal is not designed to discourage young drivers off the road it is to make sure they become safer drivers.

It is hoped that bringing in new laws for younger drivers aged under 25 will hopefully bring down the number of accidents that happen.

Plans that are included for learner drivers under the age of 25 is to have a minimum of one year learning experience before taking their driving test and a ban has been called on taking intensive driving courses, this will allow learners to gain experience on a different variety of roads.

As for newly qualified drivers under the age of 25, plans are to get them to hold a graduated driving licence of two years, at the end of the two years they should be required to take a second test to ensure they are able to drive safely on the roads.

The graduated licence will also have restrictions on the amount of passengers that can be carried in a car, this comes from figures that have shown more accidents have happened when there has been more passengers.

Timing restrictions for newly qualified drivers could also be put into place were driving is not permitted between 11pm-4am unless the car is used for work, in these cases exceptions will be made.

If the new plans are put into place it could see a positive and beneficial change for young drivers.

Nick Starling, ABI’s director of General health and insurance said: “Young drivers pay more for their motor insurance because their accident risk is not only high, but because accidents that they are involved in often involve very costly claims for personal injuries.

“So helping them to be safer drivers and reducing their accident rates will mean they will pay less for their motor insurance in the long run.”      

One in four people are involved in a car crash where at least one person involved in the accident is a young person.

Young male drivers are at risk with them being five times more likely to be involved in a crash compared to 30-59 year old males.

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By Amanda Bainbridge