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Thames Hub

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A new proposal that will be an integrated vision for Britain has been announced as a £50bn development known as the Thames Hub.

The development will lay foundations for the future of Britain, helping to put into place the transport connections Britain needs to maximise the economy.

The Thames Hub will be situated in the Thames Estuary and will bring a new river barrier and crossing, a new airport, shipping and a rail complex running around the north of London before joining the main lines to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Felixstowe, Cardiff and Southampton.

The aim for the new rail plan is to take container lorries off the roads and use freight trains which will enhance the national transport development. The railway will also carry power lines and communication cables cutting down the need for pylons.

Lord Foster from architect company Foster + Partners have worked together to introduce a new dynamic state of the art transport development.

He said: “If we are to establish a modern transport and energy infrastructure in Britain for this century and beyond, we need to recapture the foresight and political courage of our 19th century forebears and draw on our traditions of engineering, design and landscape.

“If we don’t then we are denying future generations to come, we are rolling over and saying we are no longer competitive – and this is a competitive world, I do not believe we have a choice.”

Many people have said it could be a waste of money but Lord Mayor Boris Johnson has backed the plan for another airport to be built as part of the Thames Hub project as Britain will be unable to keep up with the demand of air travel if a new airport isn’t introduced.

There is a growing demand for transport around London due to thousands of visitors each year using local airports and trains which are already at capacity.

The Government have already ruled out any other runways being added to the current airports in the capital making way for the new airport within the Thames Hub.

A benefit that will come from building the Thames Hub will balance the economy between north and south and the midlands having a direct link to cities and markets of Europe.

The development would potentially generate £150bn in financial benefits alone along with thousands of jobs becoming available within the manufacturing and engineering industry.

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By Amanda Bainbridge